So you really want to know?

My name is Erin and I consider myself to be  blessed in the important things in life, where it matters most.

I am married to the most wonderful man imaginable, Cody, a youth minister in Kentucky.  God knew what he was doing when he placed Cody and I together.  He has a God-given patience that was designed for dealing with people especially like me, and he still loves me unconditionally.  He’s my best friend and I still wonder how I wound up with someone like him.  God must have needed some entertainment of some sort.

My Loves: Jesus, my husband of four years, my family, my seven nieces and nephews, my pets (Husker, Jax & Stormie), READING, thrift store shopping, Nebraska football, fostering kittens for a local animal rescue and spending time with my hubby.

Reading if one of my favorite pastimes and I love keeping up with the fresh,  new releases of Christian Fiction.  It has happened all too often where my husband, pets and my house get neglected because I’m in the middle of a good book.

We live in Kentucky, although we grew up in the Midwest.  Cody is a Nebraska boy through and through, born with a cob of corn in one hand and a football in the other.  My heart lies in the Black Hills of South Dakota, my home.  Isn’t is peculiar that as a teenager, you ache to get out of the town in which you were raised, but once you’re away, you realize how good you really had it?

The Lord has called us to Lexington, Kentucky; a beautiful town that is leaps and bounds different from what we were raised in.  I’ve learned that I don’t particularly care for Southern food and I have had to suppress a random “y’all” from coming out of my mouth at inopportune moments.  Living in the Eastern Time Zone is awful, especially if you’re a news junkie like myself.  Call me a nutcase, but I don’t think I should have to stay up until 11:00 to find out whether I should wear a coat the next day.  You also learn to stay away from downtown Lexington during the basketball season, otherwise you will be caught in the middle of insane UK basketball fans.   I am a thrift store fanatic, so the secondhand shopping here is ideal with 7 Goodwill’s, a ReStore and a handful of others.  The church here is fantastic, treating us better than we could have ever imagined.  As a pastor’s wife, pessimism is usually a quality that comes naturally, but thankfully I have not had a need to unleash my wrath here.

God is good to us.  We only hope to serve Him better in the years to come.


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