“Lovelier Than Daylight” by Rosslyn Elliott


Lovelier Than DaylightRosslyn Elliott concludes her debut Saddler’s Legacy series with Lovelier than Daylight.  I am a big fan of Book One: Fairer Than Morning so of course I snagged the next two in the series to see where Elliott decided to take us. 


You can tell from her writing that Rosslyn Elliott is a lover of history.  Throughout each of her novels, she takes real historical events (all centered around Westerville, Ohio) and inserts them seamlessly into her story lines.  What the reader gets in return is a delightful story that is not only fun to read, but educational.  

Susanna Hanby, a passionate aunt, amateur botanist and fierce temperance supporter, vows to rescue her abandoned nieces and nephews.  As a young single woman, the orphanage won’t put them in her care, but Susanna is determined to find a way around that silly rule.  Enter aspiring journalist and brewing company heir, Johann Giere.  He’s committed to fulfilling his responsibilities to his family and their company business, but his heart leans towards sharing stories with the public.  Immediately Susanna and Johann clash on all levels.  He represents all things that Susanna despises and Johann has a hard time seeing past her uninformed prejudice.   

Lovelier Than Daylight is actually set 50 years later than the first novel and 20 years later than the second, but is still centered on the Hanby family.   Beloved Will and Ann from the first novel are front and center, active in the Westerville Whiskey War and helping Susanna bring her nieces and nephews back home. 


While I highly recommend the first in the Saddler’s Legacy series, the second two moved a little slow for my taste.  However, if you’re a fan of history and romance, give this series a try. 


I reviewed this novel for BookSneeze, Thomas Nelson’s Book Blogger program.  A positive review was not required, only an honest one. 


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