“The Trouble With Cowboys” by Denise Hunter

Buy on Amazon.com!

Buy on Amazon.com!

The third and final installment of The Big Sky Romance series, “The Trouble With Cowboys” by Denise Hunter, doesn’t disappoint.  While some authors are devoted to pumping out books like a bubble gum factory, Denise has a way of writing characters that leave an imprint on your heart that you won’t forget.    You don’t mind that you have to wait for months in between novels because you always know what you’re going to get in return: consistent story-lines with memorable characters and a lesson that will help grow your faith.

Forced to grow up too fast, Annie Wilkerson makes a promise to her dying grandfather and takes on the responsibility of caring for her unruly teenage sister.  Determined to put her sister through college, Annie is a horse trainer by day and moonlights as the writer for a column solely devoted to imparting her wisdom as a trainer.  However, as the world becomes more and more attached that wonderful invention called the ‘internet’ (thanks, Al Gore…) she learns from her editor that her column is being replaced by a topic that you can never have enough answers for: love, and they want Annie to write it.    Wholly unqualified to write a column for the local lovelorn, Annie seeks the advice of all-knowing and confident Dylan Taylor.  After all, he’s romanced just about every woman in Moose Creek… he has to know SOMETHING about love, right?

The budding friendship and firecracker chemistry that existed between Annie and Dylan will keep you turning the pages until the very last one.  Some of the one-liners that Dylan would throw at Annie even had me rolling my eyes at times, but Annie was just the girl to put him in his place.

Learn more about Denise!

Learn more about Denise!

While I LOVED this story, I am so disappointed that I won’t be returning to Moose Creek, Montana any time soon.  (But that’s why I keep the books I love – to revisit!)  Since we had the pleasure of a visit from Sawyer Smitten in this novel, perhaps we’ll get to read about Moose Creek’s best-loved residents in another story in the future. (Fingers crossed!)

I received an Advanced Reader Copy of “The Trouble With Cowboys” from the author in exchange for my honest opinion and review (thanks for signing it, Denise!).  A positive review was not required, only an honest one.  I am so honored that she chose to bless me with an advanced copy.  I can only hope that I have returned the favor of the blessing with my review.


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