“A Path Towards Love” by Cara Lynn James

Buy on Amazon.com!

Buy on Amazon.com!

When I opened up “A Path Towards Love”, I really didn’t have any expectations.  I hadn’t read this particular author’s writing before, but I do always enjoy a good historical fiction read, so I decided to try it.

All her life, Katherine Osborne was raised to become a woman of New York society.  To her parent’s dismay, she runs off at the age of 18 and elopes with a young man that is not up to the high standards of a mate that her mother has set for her.  They settle in Florida to manage her husband’s family orange groves, but that is where the whirlwind romance ends.  Quickly, Katherine finds herself in a loveless marriage and soon after, a young widow.  Struggling to make ends meet, her father convinces her to travel up north for a month long vacation of leisure: swimming, canoeing, picnics, dancing.  Oh, and don’t forget that her mother already has her next marriage partner picked out: Randy, a non-committal, lazy son of an heir who is pressured as well into courting Katherine.

Enter Andrew, Katherine’s dearest friend from her childhood and cousin of Randy.  He also happens to work for Katherine’s father as a lawyer for his company AND he’s in love with the boss’s daughter (Katherine).  Andrew, unlike Randy, warn born into modest means and has not lived the life of luxury.  Unfortunately, because of his lot in life, he has never been considered a favorable suitor for Katherine.  As Andrew’s affection grows, the more persistent Katherine’s parents are that she becomes engaged to Randy.

Visit Cara Lynn James' website!

Visit Cara Lynn James’ website!

I really did enjoy this novel, but I wouldn’t say it was any different than any other historical romance.  It’s sweet, easy to read and has a predictable ending.  BUT I did enjoy it.  I would have enjoyed it more if she would have had more “distance” between Andrew and Katherine.   Perhaps Katherine could have moved back down to Florida or maybe Andrew actually did end up going west to California.  Through it all they could have exchanged letters, etc.  I just felt like it could have been so much more.   But I still liked it.

Technical critique:  I read the Kindle version, and the beginning of the paragraphs didn’t indent, so it was hard to tell when one paragraph ended and another began.  I know it doesn’t seem like a big deal, but it took away from the content of the novel.  I hope that this is a feature that can be fixed as it was rather distracting and annoying.

I received this novel in exchange for my review from BookSneeze.  I was not required to give a positive review, only an honest one.



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