“Through Rushing Water” by Catherine Richmond


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Having grown up in South Dakota and Nebraska, Through Rushing Water really resonated with me.  The author, Catherine Richmond, is a Nebraska native, so it is clear that she writes what she knows.  Good thing for me is that what she writes is what I love.  Rarely am I able to find a book that centers around my old stomping ground, and to do so is like going home for me.

I’ve read Catherine Richmond’s previous debut novel, Spring for Susannah and I feel that she her storytelling has only gotten better with time.  Through Rushing Water starts off a tad slow, but stick with it!  It took me a while to get through the first third, but after I did, I had a hard time putting my Kindle down.

Through Rushing Water is a story about finding your true purpose in life, searching and grasping on to God, the one true stronghold in even the most turbulent rapids.  Sophia Makinoff, a Russian born teacher with a bad case of wanderlust, recklessly volunteers as a missionary.  She lands in the middle of the Great Plains, where the Niobrara River meets the Missouri River, to minister and teach the children of the Ponca Indian tribe.  The conditions are harsh and hopeless.  The spirit of the Ponca Indians is even more so.   Sophia’s feels that her purpose in life is to become a woman of influence, but how can she be of influence to a tribe where there is rampant illness, starvation, attacks from opposing tribes and little if no support from the government’s Indian offices.  Sophia learns that her true calling in life is to follow the Lord’s second greatest commandment, “Love your neighbor as yourself.” (Matthew 22:39).

I thoroughly recommend Through Rushing Water.  While the novel is a work of fiction, it is based on true events that will remain with you long after you finish the story.

I reviewed Through Rushing Water for BookSneeze, who provided a digital copy for me.  I was not required to give a positive review, only an honest one.


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