“Covenant Child” by Terri Blackstock

Click here to buy on Amazon!

Click here to buy on Amazon!

When I started to read “Covenant Child” by Terri Blackstock, I had a half hour on my lunch break.  Within the first few chapters, I was captivated.  (I’ll even admit that I took an extra 5 minutes on my break…) This book is actually a reprint from an earlier edition printed in 2003.  That right there told me it was worth reading.  After all, they only reprint a book if it’s good, right?   As soon as I got home at 5 p.m., I opened up my Kindle and started reading I read until about 11 p.m. that night, but I finished it in one sitting (minus the lunch break)!

I can’t remember if I’ve ever read Terri Blackstock before, but I loved this novel.  Not because it made me feel elated at the end or swoon at the main hero, but because it dealt with a real situation with a not-so-rosy outcome.  The story centers on twin girls as they grow from toddlers to young adults.  But these twins aren’t you’re normal girls: they’re heiresses.  When their father dies unexpectedly in a plane crash, their money hungry grandparents steal them away from their kind, selfless stepmother.  Their money squandered by their careless grandparents, the girls grow up in hopeless poverty.  Their stepmother, Amanda, never forgets them and continues to fight for them, but the girls are fed lies and led to believe that Amanda is responsible for the death of their father.

As this novel progresses, you can’t help but be furious.  Not with the author directly, but with the choices that the twin girls continue to make over and over.  Although plausible, this particular situation has most likely never happened.  But the situations that the teenage girls find themselves in happen EVERYDAY around the world and my heart breaks: for the girl that is fed the continuous lies by a self-serving boyfriend.  For the girl that feels that she isn’t good enough unless she gives that boy everything she has: physically, mentally and emotionally.   For the girl that had her innocent childhood ripped from her too early and her heart has now hardened, impenetrable even

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by the strongest means.

Read this book.  It will rip your heart in two, but hopefully by the end, it will be somewhat haphazardly sewn back together.

I reviewed this book for Thomas Nelson’s BookSneeze program.  The novel was provided for free, but the thoughts and opinions are completely my own.


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