“The Wedding Dress” by Rachel Hauck


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What a fabulous book.

I’ve been a faithful Rachel Hauck reader for quite a few years and “The Wedding Dress” is by far her best book yet.  Hauck’s storytelling keeps you on your toes and wanting more from the moment that you flip open the first page until you regretfully turn the last.  You will find yourself swept up in the 1912 glamour and spunk of Emily to the beautiful and heartbroken present-day Charlotte.

The novel is written primarily in two different centuries, generations apart.  Hauck has never composed this type of novel before and it suited her writing ability well.  Although the catch line is “Four women over four generations…” but it’s mostly about the two women, Emily and Charlotte (the other two are interspersed throughout the novel).  I’ve read books similar to this format before and usually you find yourself in favor of one character more than the other, but that was not the case with “The Wedding Dress”.  Rachel Hauck did a beautiful job of weaving the two story lines together and the flow never seemed to come to a halt.  The only thing that I would have changed was maybe extend the novel out a little longer, as it seemed a tad rushed towards the end.  But regardless, it was FABULOUS.

There are two heroines in this story (not something you see very often!) and I never felt like I was more connected to one more than the other.  Emily Canton is a young woman living in Birmingham, Alabama during the tumultuous times of 1912.  She has recently accepted the proposal of one man who is her societal equal, but is a liar and a cheat.  Her heart belongs to another man who is not considered worthy of her by her family’s standards but refuses to give up his fight for her.  Fast forward 100 years and you’ll meet our other heroine, Charlotte Malone, who also lives in Birmingham.  Her fiancé unexpectedly called off their rushed wedding and leaves Charlotte

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questioning herself, God and what she wants in life.  Meanwhile, she acquires this mysterious trunk and once opened she discovers a timeless wedding gown.  Charlotte makes it her personal mission to seek out the former owners of the gown and what she finds completely changes her life altogether.

“The Wedding Dress” is a must read not to be missed!  I received a copy of this book from the publisher, Thomas Nelson, in exchange for my honest review.


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