“The Rose of Winslow Street” by Elizabeth Camden


Sometimes when I finish a book, I close it quickly, toss it aside and grab the next awaiting me on my bookshelf.  But then there are those glorious times, when you turn the last page reluctantly and give a big ‘SIGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHH’ and then dread trying to find another book that will somehow compare with the beautiful story you just finished.  The latter is exactly what I did when I finished “The Rose of Winslow Street” by Elizabeth Camden.  Please tell me there is a sequel!  However, I don’t think Camden does sequels.


I’ve read Camden’s other novel, “The Lady of Bolton Hill”, which I also really enjoyed, but I would have to say that “The Rose of Winslow Street” is my favorite out of her two novels.  In this novel, the heroine is sweet and affectionate Liberty (Libby) Sawyer, who is dedicated to her father, her niece, her paintings, the neighborhood children and her cat, Ivan (precisely in that order).  She and her father are vacationing at her brother’s summer home (must be rough…) near the sea when her father receives an alarming telegram from their hometown of Colden.  Someone has moved in and taken over their home, a brute, blunt, widowed Romanian by the name of Michael Dobrescu.  He claims that he had inherited the house from his late uncle, who had died almost a quarter of a century ago.  With him, he brings his two sons, his sister and two friends (thugs, business partners, etc,).

What happens next is what you would expect: a legal fight over who the house really belongs to, etc.  But what you don’t expect is  the love story that unfolds between Michael and Libby.  Michael, who comes off rude and jerk-ish in the beginning, develops a soft, tender spot for Libby, who has weaved her way into their lives, showing mercy to the Dobrescu’s when the entire town shunned them on behalf of Libby’s father.  Libby is fascinated by this new, strange family from a foreign land and it surprises her when she finds herself falling in love with the bumbling Michael.

I really loved the novel and it will be added to my “to be read again and again and again” shelf. I can’t wait to read more by Camden as she releases them.

I received a copy of the novel for free from Bethany House Publishers in exchange for my honest review.


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