“Sweeter than Birdsong” by Rosslyn Elliott


I had picked up the first in the Saddler’s Legacy, “Fairer than Morning” from my local library.  The copy had been well read and justifiably so.  What I had a stumbled upon was a new author with the ability to captivate you with her eloquent words and innocent stories.  I loved “Fairer than Morning” and was delighted when I saw that part two in the series was already in the works.

“Sweeter than Birdsong” is a sweet story set in Westerville, Ohio focusing on Ben Hanby, a talented musician who is convicted by the atrocities of slavery, and Kate Winter, a shy,  intelligent young woman who wishes to stand up to her verbally abusive mother.  Throughout the novel, Ben and Kate grow together in trust, their relationship strengthened by their common faith in God.

One of Rosslyn Elliott’s gifts is being able to write historical fiction based on real events, and she does it well!   It did take at least a few chapters to get into the novel, so be patient if you experience the same thing!   When you finish, be sure to read the Afterword, as it explains the true story of Ben and Kate.  I really hope that Rosslyn Elliott is planning on a third installment of the Saddler’s Legacy.  However, I will be picking up anything she writes because I know that I am guaranteed a fantastic story and a history lesson, all bundled up with a beautiful cover.

I received “Sweeter than Birdsong” from BookSneeze, Thomas Nelson’s book blogging program.  My review is based solely on my honest opinion of the book.


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