“Longing” by Karen Kingsbury


When I finished Longing, I felt let down. 😦 Does anyone else feel like this series is just DRAGGING on?? But phew, we only have one more book to go… unless Karen Kingsbury makes another series to add on to this series that was added on to that series that goes with that other series. Follow? Yeah, me neither.

Okay, annoyances aside, I love Karen Kingsbury. I think she write stories that deal with real emotions and we all can relate to her characters. That’s one thing I loved about her Redemption, First Born & Sunrise series. The Above the Line series was just kind of weird but you had to read that to get to the Bailey Flanigan series. But I feel very let down with this current series.

During the last part of the Sunrise series and the Above the Line series, I really started to love the characters of Bailey and Cody. Imagine how happy I was (and you too, probably) when I heard that she was giving Bailey her own series. I was really excited and have read each of them faithfully as they’ve released.

But like another reviewer posted, I can’t help but think that she is swaying her writing in favor or the real life story with her own daughter, Kelsey, who just got engaged to Kyle Kupecky, who is a member of Anthem Lights (whose band was plugged in the book(and it’s also plugged numerous times on her FB page… Thanks, Karen…. I think.)) PLUS, Karen had Kyle pose as Brandon on the cover of Longing and in the trailer of the book. It all just seems a little too coincidental, don’t you think? And to add to all of that frustration, Brandon’s character is way too needy and kind of creepy. And I think Bailey is swayed just a little too easily by him. (Note to Karen: I don’t think your future son-in-law will be offended if you have Bailey end up with Cody instead of Brandon… Their relationship won’t be doomed if you do.)

BUT regardless, I have been sucked in and I will be reading #4 in the Bailey Flanigan series. I know I’m not the only one frustrated with the ending of Longing. I just hope I don’t throw “Loving” up against the wall when I’m finished with it. Karen, it’s in your hands… or pen….


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