Crossroads of Grace series by Allison Pittman


I really love Allison Pittman’s writing. She has the ability to captivate her readers with her attention to detail and depth of characters. The first of her novels that I read was “For Time and Eternity” which is part of her Sister Wives series, which did not disappoint.

After reading both books in the Sister Wives series, I started the Crossroads of Grace series. The first in the series, “Ten Thousand Charms”, is really similar to Francine River’s “Redeeming Love”. I don’t think it was as epic as River’s, but good nonetheless.

That being said, “Speak Through the Wind” & “With Endless Sight” were not my favorite of hers. While I was excited to read about Sadie(Kassandra) & Biddy (Belinda) after having met her in the first book of the series (Ten Thousand Charms) I didn’t find myself pulled into these novels the same way that I’ve been with Pittman’s other books.

In “Speak Through the Wind”, I felt like the book focused so much on Sadie’s plight (how she got out of it, then back into it, out again, in again) that I was emotionally exhausted with the first 80% of the text. Then, the part I wanted to read, the part about REDEMPTION & FORGIVENESS, was just a small rushed snippet towards the very end of the book.

The same can go for “With Endless Sight”. Belinda was BY FAR the most lovable out of the three heroines in the series, but in some way, when you know what is going to happen to her (from the 2 novels previous) it just makes the story not as interesting. I felt like the novel ended abruptly and I was left with just an “okay….” feeling.

Regardless, I will continue to read Pittman’s novels as she releases them. She really is a talented author and I HIGHLY recommend her Sister Wives series.


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