“Lonestar Angel” by Colleen Coble


I was provided a copy of “Lonestar Angel” by Thomas Nelson’s Book Blogging program called Book Sneeze for my honest review of the book.

I am not one to read books that are in a series out of order, so when I learned that “Lonestar Angel” was book #4 in the Colleen Coble’s Lonestar series, I knew I had to somehow devour the first three titles in a very short amount of time.  Thankfully, Colleen Coble’s writing made that pretty easy.   However, some of the plots and scenarios that take place are somewhat unbelievable and a little farfetched, but that’s part of the joy of reading fiction.

With all that being said, “Lonestar Angel” was probably my second favorite out of the four Lonestar books (my favorite being “Lonestar Secrets” Book 2).  In Book 4, Eden and Clay Larson are brought back together after five years apart.  Through a turn of events that you’ll just have to read to believe, they find themselves searching for the daughter that was stolen out of her crib as an infant.  They are led to Bluebird Ranch, where they think their daughter is with a group of girls that are in the foster care system.  They become pseudo camp counselors in order to identify which one is their daughter, during which they become involved in a cat and mouse game with their daughter’s original kidnapper.

I really enjoyed this novel and highly recommend reading the series in order, unless you don’t mind spoilers.  However, when you’re reading them you just have to ignore that sarcastic, little voice in your head that says “Like that could really happen….” and just enjoy the story.   I will definitely be reading more of Colleen Coble’s novels!  I’m going to give it 5 stars because the book is simply good fiction.

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