“Softly and Tenderly” by Sara Evans and Rachel Hauck


I received this book from Thomas Nelson publishers in exchange for my honest review of this novel. 

I love Rachel Hauck, so when I heard that she was collaborating with Sara Evans on a new series, I was really excited.  The first novel of this series by this dynamic duo is called “The Sweet By & By” which I also reviewed for Thomas Nelson.  I really enjoyed the book, but it wasn’t one that grabbed me and made me wait anxiously for the second installment to come out.

So, when I was able to read “Softly and Tenderly” I have to say that it was my favorite of the two.  My heart broke for Jade on so many levels.  On the surface, she seems like a young lady that has her life put together, but once you get to know her you realize how much she has dealt with and is currently dealing with: her mother, her abortion, her numerous miscarriages, her ex-boyfriend, her husband’s drug addiction and secret child.  While Jade brings some of this on herself, most of it is thrown into her lap for her to deal with.  How would you respond in these situations?  I think everyone thinks that they would handle it with the utmost class, but I think once we’re put into the thick of it our true human tendencies would start to show.

I really enjoyed “Softly and Tenderly” and I’m looking forward to the conclusion of the Songbird series!


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