“Forsaking All Others” by Allison Pittman


When I decided to read The Sister Wife Series by Allison Pittman, I really had no idea what to expect. I figured it could either be really terrible, or it could be really good.  Thank goodness it was the latter!   Not only do I think I think I’ve found a new author to add to my “favorites” list, I learned a TON about Mormon history and culture, which was an added bonus.


I agreed to review “Forsaking All Others” by Allison Pittman for Tyndale Publishing.  They sent me the book in exchange for my honest opinion.  However, I can’t stand reading books out of order in series, so I HAD to read the first one before I even cracked open the second.   And I am so glad that I did. I HIGHLY recommend reading Pittman’s first book in the series “For Time and Eternity” before reading this novel.  You’ll find yourself lost and a little confused otherwise.


I think everyone can relate to Camilla, regardless of religion, age or circumstance.  Aren’t we all searching for something greater than ourselves?  Something to give our life to?  What each person decides is completely up to them and is what makes us “people”. We all are searching for something and that is where Nathan Fox found Camilla.  She grew up in a Christian home and had devout Christian parents, but she never claimed it for her own. She longed for the love and attention that she was deprived of at home and found that Nathan Fox could fill that need for her.  Only after giving her life to her husband, his false beliefs, having her infant son die in her arms and then having her husband take a second wife is she able to find the God she grew up with but never “knew”.   Camilla decided to do the unthinkable and run away from her husband, leaving her two young daughters with him.


And so this is where we find Camilla at the beginning of “Forsaking All Others”: a runaway, an “apostate”, her children abandoned.  How are her actions in line with what God wants?   It would be hard to understand why Camilla decides to take this path, but she feels so strongly that this is what God would have her do that there is no stopping her.  Cold and in need, she stumbles upon a United States Army camp, where she is taken in by Colonel Charles Brandon. The friendship that develops between Camilla and Charles is like a flower bud in late winter and it continues to grow and blossom into something more as the months pass by.  My only qualm with the book is that I wanted to read more about Camilla and Charles, but this was Camilla’s story, her journey.  And it is a beautiful one that we can all relate to.  We’ve all been in Camilla’s shoes, but it’s which direction we decide to go that makes us who we are.


Thank you again to Tyndale Publishing for letting me review this book.  I probably would not have picked it up otherwise, but now I will be recommending it highly to everyone!


The FIRST in the Sister Wife Series!  “For Time and Eternity” by Allison Pittman


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