“The Colonel’s Lady” by Laura Frantz


When I turned the final page, I wanted to cry.  That, my friend, is how good “The Colonel’s Lady” is.

Let me put it bluntly:  I wish there was some way that I could be transported into one of Laura Frantz’ s novels.  I would even put up with the corsets and lack of air-conditioning.  Please, pretty please?  Can I?

“The Colonel’s Lady” does not disappoint, whether you are a faithful Frantz reader or if this is the first of her novels to grace your bookshelf.   Roxie, although a tad fickle, is a lovable heroine.  At first glance, I was convinced that the great and powerful Colonel Cassius McLinn was a tad too overbearing and snobbish for her, but towards the end, I realized how wrong I was.

Living in central Kentucky myself, I find myself swept back into history through Frantz’s novels, to a time where daily life was much simpler, love was innocent and war was real, unkind and a reality.  The stories she weaves, albeit pure fiction, brings about a deeper respect for my ancestors, my state and my country.  What a sacrifice our forefathers made for us, all for the sake of freedom.

I really loved this book.  Really, I did.  My favorite of Frantz’s is “Courting Morrow Little”, but I would say this is a VERY close second.


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