“The Frontiersman’s Daughter” by Laura Frantz


When I was faced with the choice of the two books that Laura Frantz had written, I immediately grabbed “Courting Morrow Little”.  I think I downed that book in about 2 gulps.  But after I finished that book and raved about it to my friends, family, my blog and Amazon, I kind of forgot about Frantz’s other book “The Frontiersman’s Daughter”.

What a mistake that turned out to be!!!  It took me about a chapter to get into the book, but after that, I had a hard time putting it down.  I’m still recovering from my sleep deprivation.

Lael Click is the daughter of the legendary frontiersman, Ezekial Click (who’s life & story is modeled after Daniel Boone). At the beginning of the novel, Lael is a fresh-faced, spunky thirteen year old girl.  As she grows up, you see her character develop into  a mature, young woman who is content with being the only one of her friends who is never to marry.  She comes back to the homestead she grew up at; her father has passed away and her mother, who never cared that much for Lael to begin with, is settled in a town far from home, remarried and finally able to rid herself of being a Click.  Lael decides to not wait around for a man to come along and help her with the farm, but rather, she decides to take it on herself.   Only once she lets herself become completely vulnerable and follow God’s will for her life, does she come to realize what amazing things the Lord has in store for her.

“The Frontiersman’s Daughter” is a beautiful, coming-of-age novel and you can’t help but root for the heroine.  it is so refreshing to read a novel that is not “cookie-cutter” and I honestly had no idea how the story would pan out.  But I was happy with the ending. 🙂

Read this book.  You’ll love it.  A novel by Laura Frantz is not one to pass over.


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  1. Laura, your portrayal of Lael Click has haunted me since I finished the book. I’m hopelessly in love with Lael. You did a magnificent job in painting the picture of this amazing young heroine! Her ultimate acceptance of God’s Love, personified by His Son Jesus’ selfless, blessed sacrifice for us, taking our place in His suffering and death, as you so subtly and brilliantly analogized with your description of Lael’s willingness to take Ian Justus’ place as he lay on his ostensibly fateful death bed, afflicted with smallpox, was a realistic depiction of the mysterious and miraculous ways in which God brings us to an appreciation of His transcendental, saving grace through His amazing, blessed intervention in our worldly human affairs: the intervention of His Holy Spirit with our fleshly existence.
    I am happily joined with a wonderful woman who, like me, loves, worships, adores, obeys and serves God through a close friendship with His only begotten Son Jesus Christ, all praise and thanks to Jesus and The Almighty Father! But, what shall I do about my infatuation with Lael? Thank our Lord Jesus that she is but a fictional character! What a temptress you have created here through the power of the written word! Nice job, Laura.
    btw, perhaps you would be interested in reading my own novel, which shall be published sometime in October, 2011, God willing. The title is “SON – Saved From Myself”. Keep writing and God bless you!

    • David, For some reason this only just now appeared in my email. I am so sorry I didn’t reply sooner. You’re beautiful words sure deserved a timely response. I apologize for that and hope you get this at some point. Today would be nice!
      I’ve had several male readers who enjoyed Lael’s story but none put it so eloquently as you. I’m delighted – and Lael would be, too – to find you smiten:) That’s the highest compliment as it means she really sprang to life! Love, love love how you tied the themes of the novel and her response to the epidemic to our Lord’s saving grace. That means so much. You really “got” the novel. Not all do.
      I treasure your heartfelt words and inisights. And I’m delighted to meet a fellow author:) Yes, I’d be so interested in reading your book. I’d be happy to buy a copy if you could tell me how to do that. Many thanks for your gracious words. I will treasure them.
      In Him,

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