“A Vision of Lucy” by Margaret Brownley


I received this book free from Thomas Nelson for my honest review and opinions of this book. 

When I learned of the opportunity to review “A Vision of Lucy”, I ran to my nearest local library branch and checked out the first two Rocky Creek novels, “A Lady Like Sarah” and “A Suitor for Jenny”.  I had never read anything by Margaret Brownley before, but quickly, she has become an author that I will watch diligently for.  Brownley has a quick wit and humor that is woven into her characters seamlessly.  Combine that with the romance and journey of her heroes and heroines, and it keeps you glued to the pages.

“A Vision of Lucy” centers around Lucy Fairbanks, a girl full of adventure and passion for a new fangled thing called “photography”, which she does for Rocky Creek’s newspaper.  While on assignment, she encounters Rocky Creek’s famed “wild man”, but she finds the only thing wild about him is how he makes her heart feel when he’s close.   She is drawn to David from the start and they form a friendship, although it’s more along the lines of a “love/hate” relationship.   The romance that blossoms between Lucy and David is sweet, innocent and completely believable.

“A Vision of Lucy” is such a fun book to read and I found myself turning the pages into the wee hours of morning.  I also loved that I was able to keep up with my favorite heroes and heroines from the previous two Rocky Creek novels, and I was delighted to hear (via the author’s website) that Lucy’s younger brother will be featured as a hero in the second book of her next series!

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