“Dining with Joy” by Rachel Hauck


I absolutely love Rachel Hauck’s novels and I was so happy to see that she had written “Dining with Joy” the third in the Lowcountry Series. The previous two, “Sweet Caroline” and “Love Starts with Elle” are fabulous reads. If you haven’t read those two before “Dining with Joy” you’ll still be able to follow the story just fine, however it will spoil the endings of the first two books in the series.

Rachel Hauck does such a fine job of creating her heroines for her novels. As fictional as they may be, they deal with very real emotions and spiritual problems that we all face at some time in our life. Although we may never have dated an up and coming country music star or have landed our own cooking show on national television, there is something about each of Hauck’s characters that resonates with all of us.

I believe that “Dining with Joy” is truly about giving up your own will (and other’s will for you) and letting God choose your destiny and future. It’s something that Joy wrestles with throughout the entire book. Joy is one of those selfless individuals who gives and gives of themselves until they are tired and worn out. She took on host of her late father’s cooking show because he asked her to on his death bed. She took on the care and raising of her two nieces because her brother asked her to. Joy was asked to put her life on hold for others, and while doing that, she failed to listen to what God had in store for her.

I highly recommend “Dining with Joy” if you enjoy a light, fun Christian romance. I also recommend reading the two previous novels in the series in the following order: “Sweet Caroline” and “Love Starts with Elle”.


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